These are the ancestors of Jesus Christ and the descendants of Adam and Eve.

Peer GenerationEdit

  • Adam - Adam was created on January 6, 4000 BC. He met Eve on January 8, 4000 BC and from then on, they were husband and wife. They had 3 sons, Cain, Abel, and Seth, before they had other sons and daughters. Adam died about 3070 BC.
  • Eve (Adam's wife) - Eve was created on January 8, 4000 BC, which was the same day she met Adam was his wife. They had 3 sons, Cain, Abel and Seth, before they had other sons and daughters. Eve is no longer living on Earth.
Adam, 2 days old, married Eve, 0 days old and had 3 known sons and other sons and daughters.
  1. Cain (abt. 3933 BC)
  2. Abel (around 3934 BC)
  3. Seth (3870 BC)

1st GenerationEdit

  • Cain (Adam's son) - Cain was born about 3933 BC, when Adam and Eve were about 67 years old. Cain married Awan and she bore Enoch and other sons and daughters. 

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